E-Transfer Update

E-Transfers are only available for Barrel Races and Memberships until further notice.

Gymkhana: $15 entry for one heck of a good time

Non-Cattle Events (Heelomatic, Flag, etc.):

  • Individual Adult: $30

  • Youth (under 19): $15

  • Non-Member: $50

For Roping & Sorting with Cattle:

  • Family Rate: $90.00

  • Individual Adult: $40.00

  • Youth (under 19): $20.00

  • Non-Member : $60.00

  • Sorting Punch Card : $80 (2 rides), $200 (5 rides)          *Must be a member for punch-card prices*

Refund Policy for Punch-cards:

Refunds will be made available if we are required to cancel events due to Covid.

If you do not use up your punch-card by the end of the season, we will not be providing refunds.

Punch-cards may be shared and transferred to other members.

E-transfer Instructions:




"Lastname - Description"

Eg: Smith - Punchcard 2

     Smith - Sorting

     Smith - Clinic

Who is eligible for the Family Rate?

We defined a family as two adult members with at least one youth. Should you have more than one youth riding with you the rate is still $90.00. We set this to encourage families to ride together and still be affordable.