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**General Meeting May 25, 2022** 

Meetings are IN PERSON

Please find more info under "Meeting Info"

**AGM is AUGUST 3rd at 7pm**

Thank you to everyone who came out for Western Weekend.

It was amazing to see everyone again and hopefully we continue seeing everyone at our summer events.


 Please watch our Facebook page to stay up to date on any additional events being ran through the summer as these will be hosted outside of our regular schedule.


Meetings are the last Wednesday of every month right now with events in between.


There's a lot of items on the agenda to recap our season, and we would love to see our members there again!

**Jacket Order**

Deadline to Order is June 15th, 2022

Payment in full by July 1st, 2022

Pick up is at the AGM

We are ordering in new merch!!!

The order is being placed through Up the Creek Garment Co. here in PG.

We've picked out a vest, hoodie, and jacket that will keep you dry and warm for the crazy weather.


No matter what Sprinter throws your way at least the top half of you will be dry :)

These products are also designed to be layered with each other

ie. If you order a Medium Hoodie, you can wear a Medium Vest over it.

If you have any questions please contact our Treasurer, Karlee Besse via our email or after 5pm at (250) 981-2383.

All payment and ordering instructions are on the order form.

The 2021/2022 is available under "Calendar", PDF versions are available.

Please go to "Member Info" for membership forms and payment methods.

Please renew memberships ASAP

HCBC is mandatory

All Directors have access to the membership list and will be verifying renewal at the upcoming events.

If you are not on the list you have the option to renew at the event or pay a non-member fee.


Have you registered for any clinics yet?

Check out our CLINIC PAGE!